Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Gun Control

I have a concealed carry permit and a few fine quality firearms, but rarely, if ever, carry any of them. I live in a decent town and lead a very domesticated life so I rarely think it worth the trouble to lug the damn thing around. But being an able, if somewhat ample, bodied citizen, do I have a responsibility to carry it more than I do? I'd like to think that if I saw some crazy bastard walking down the street shooting pedestrians on sight, I could make a difference and perhaps save a life. If every guy like me packed his heater, would there be a reduction of crime or an increase in shootings of morons with fifty bumper stickers?
I went to the range the other day and did pretty well considering that I hadn't been shooting in over a year. For the first few magazines, I'd hit dead center then to begin to creep left and a little bit low. Classic right handed trigger torque and bad form. I made some adjustments and kept every round in the paper malefactor's K5. Still I'd like to get some trigger work done on all my Glocks, because compared to my Browning the Glock triggers feel like a rusty gate.

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