Monday, April 02, 2007

Meanwhile, In Argentina

The vicissitudes of Great Britain in Iran are well known and lamentable. Now comes our friend to the south, Argentina, to kick Britain when she's down:

BUENOS AIRES (AFP) - Argentina clung to its claim of sovereignty over Britain's Falkland Islands Monday as the two countries marked the 25th anniversary of their war over the small Atlantic islands.
Vice President Daniel Scioli reaffirmed the government's goal of winning control of the Falklands, which Argentina calls the Malvinas, in a speech before war veterans in Ushuaia, the world's southernmost city.
"The war has not changed the reality: the Malvinas are Argentine, they have always been and they always will be," Scioli said in the capital of Tierra del Fuego province, which would oversee the Malvinas.
"We will recover what is ours," he said at the main ceremony marking the anniversary, attended by hundreds of people. Scioli also urged Britain to sit down for negotiations on the islands.

Two thoughts occur to me. How weak do you have to be before a nation like Argentina begins to feast on your carcass? Secondly, who in their right mind would want the Falkland Islands? Slightly smaller than Connecticut with a population of less than 3000, the Falkland Islands experience snow every month of the year except January and February. When it's not snowing, it's raining, more than half the time.
Britain once ruled the waves and imparted civilization and rule of law throughout the world. Now she's a weak old dame roughed up by third rate thugs for her dole money. Winston Churchill must be spinning in his grave.

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