Friday, April 13, 2007

Woman Scarred For Life When Sausage Explodes In Her Face

No, it's not Ann Heche:

The accident occured when a waiter topped up a flaming chorizo sausage dish with rum. A woman diner was left with horrific burns after a Portuguese sausage dish exploded in her face. The victim was eating with friends when the accident took place at the Sporting Clube de Londres in west London.
Restaurant owner Rui Daniel Faria Velosa was fined £4,000 and ordered to pay £2,000 costs for breaching safety rules. Witnesses described how the flaming chorizo sausage dish burnt out of control when a waiter topped it up with rum at a table packed with people.
The woman, who spent two weeks in hospital and has since undergone two skin graft operations, said it was like being hit by a "flame-thrower".

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dolittle said...

Obviously, this is a tradgedy. But I can't be the ONLY one thinking about the crepes at the Magic Pan on Seinfeld

Mandelbaum, Mandelbaum, Mandelbaum!!