Thursday, May 31, 2007

Giambi and Steroids, A-Rod, Baseball Musings

  • Call me suspicious when a 36 year old man can't trot around the base path without ripping his plantar fascia, I would wager some past chemical enhancements are to blame. Look hard and well boyos, this is what steroids do for you; tens of millions of dollars and all the time in the world to enjoy them.
  • A-Rod is getting some flack for shouting at rookie and getting him to drop the ball. I don't like A-Rod that much but I can't say he was that far out of line, still he's gonna get drilled the next time New York plays Toronto.
  • Rumors swirl that the listless Yankees may trade Johny Damon. That's cool. I don't have much more to say because I don't care and Damon matters very little at this point.
  • More A-Rod news. I guess he's been seen about town with a busty blonde who is decidedly not Mrs. A-Rod. I hope he has a good prenup. The NYC press has come up with some good names: Stray-Rod and Yankee-Doodle-Randy. Enjoy yourself Alex, stay out late, drink up. Life is short.
  • It's a good thing that Chien-Ming Wang pitches for the Yankees in the AL. If he were to bat in the NL, get on base and get caught in squeeze play, things could get embarrassing.
  • If the Sox sweep the Yanks this weekend at home they will be 16.5 games ahead of the Evil Empire. Heads will probably roll if that happens. If the Yanks sweep the Sox, not bloody likely, the Yankees will still be 10.5 games behind. It's hard to play with a fork in your ass.
  • If John Lester comes back and is effective, how great will that be? Now if only Lugo, Drew and Crisp can figure out how to hit the ball we will be unstoppable.

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