Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Joan Baez

Folk singer and anti-war activist Joan Baez says she doesn't know why she was not allowed to perform for recovering soldiers recently at Walter Reed Army Medical Center as she planned.
Here are the top ten reasons why Joan Baez was axed:

10. No one knew for sure that she was still alive.

9. After witnessing all the trauma of being wounded and the death and carnage of combat a Joan Baez concert would be too much to endure.

8. She sucks.

7. Rabid Anti-Americanism has not been shown to promote healing among U.S. war veterans.

6. There might be one or two Vietnam era Veterans around who remember her and they might have a K-BAR.

5. The sixties have been over for four decades.

4. Wheel of Fortune was on.

3. Servicemen tired of being spit on.

2. Communism not so chic anymore.

1. Seriously, do you really need a reason?


Pam said...

Very funny!...linked you over at my place.

ScottJ said...

Ditto (sans the link). Missed your wit over the last few lunch hours.