Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Talk about tone deaf, I just received this e-mail from the Romney campaign:

Keep the Mitt-mentum Going!

Dear El,
Thank you for joining Team Mitt during the nationwide grassroots effort, Sign Up America! It was a huge success and we surpassed the goal of signing up 24,000 new supporters in 24 hours. Thanks to you, we have over 30,000 new members on board with Team Mitt.
Such strong support shows that Mitt’s message of bringing conservative change to Washington is reaching families from coast to coast. Look to Iowa, where the first and pivotal presidential straw poll caucus will take place.

Mitt-mentum! Are they that unaware of the derision heaped upon poor clueless Joe Lieberman for his now infamous Joe-mentum catch phrase? Apparently so.
Fear not faithful readers I haven't jumped onto to the Haircut's bandwagon, I merely subscribe to most of the major candidates email lists just to stay abreast of what festers beneath all that hairspray.


Dexter said...

I thought Edwards was the Haircut? How about Mitt the Hoople?

El Duderino said...

Good one Dexter, there's a whole host of haircuts this time around.