Thursday, May 17, 2007

Top 10 Songs To Drive Fast To in a Convertible

  1. Don't Change by INXS
  2. Ultraviolet by U2
  3. Head On by The Pixies
  4. I Can Never Take The Place of Your Man by Prince
  5. Dammit by Blink 182
  6. Born to Run by Frankie Goes To Hollywood
  7. Somebody Got Murdered by The Clash
  8. It's The End of The Word As We Know It by REM
  9. Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order
  10. Allison is Starting to Happen by The Lemonheads

Feel free to add your own, this list will change as conditions and mood warrant. Re-reading this list it occurs to me that I'm getting old, most of these songs came out in the 90s.


Pam said...

In the 90s? Try the 80s for many of them! And I'm getting old too, as I recognize all of the groups (if not some of the actual songs). The Lemonheads? Heh.

How about Rock Lobster by the B52s?

ScottJ said...

I can go along with just about all of it but for Prince. I second the BeeFiveTwos.

Dexter said...

Technically "Head On" is a Jesus and Mary Chain song but the Pixies version is the better.

The New Yorker critic Sasha Frere-Jones is compiling a "Kill vs. Owns" list... rulz and examples are such...

Choose a major artist. Then choose a cover of that artist's work. The cover must either Kill (be killingly good, perhaps good enough to stand alongside the original) or Own (redefine the song and steal it from the author). For example:


The Feelies, "Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey."
Gilberto Gil, "When I'm Sixty-Four"


Jimi Hendrix, "All Along The Watchtower."
Joe Cocker, "With A Little Help From My Friends."

I would say the Pixies own Head On

Dexter said...

FGH's version of Born to Run however does neither. But it is fun.