Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Yankees Realy Suck

I won't pretend I'm not enjoying this, because I am, but the Yankees really suck this year. Spending money like a democratically controlled congress won't help them either. Case in point, Rodger Clemens. At the end of the year I bet they will have paid him something like $400,000.00 per successful inning. They would have been better off finding 100 hungry and talented Dominicans, Venezuelans, etc. with that filthy lucre.

With all that said I still fear the Evil Empire, despite all that is wrong with them they won't reside in the basement forever. They have too much money, their fans and owners demand success and no matter how much I hate them, I have to admit they are a first class club. They'll still won't make the playoffs, but they or the Red Sox will make it interesting by September.

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Dexter said...

I am happy about the Red Sox's position and the chance to win a pennant...but all of us fans remember 1978... That said the first Red Sox sweep of Texas since 1973 combined with the Yankees losing 3 at home to the Angels is still great fun...especially if Big George may start firing people...And 1978 aside I remember the last time we won the pennant in 1995... I was at game 3 against he Indians...Clemens folder....Mo Vaughn and Jose Canseco were 0-37 for the series...and I was in the right field bleachers when they lost the 5 game series in a freezing drizzling rain to the Indians....