Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dan Rather Slams Katie Couric

While I despise the oh so perky and stridulent Katie Couric and agree with Dan Rather's assessment of her, I think he wasn't the right man to point out the obvious. In my opinion Rather abandoned serious journalism himself some time ago. Couric may come from the planet Antigravitas, but at least she has hasn't presented patently spurious documents as authentic and then stood by "the truth of them". As least not yet, as far as we know.
An amusing note to this story is when Les Moonves tries to defend Couric's abysmal ratings by suggesting "She's been on the air for nine months, let's give her a break". Les, baby, nine months. Nine whole months, do you think that maybe some people haven't seen, haven't heard that Couric is the new sheriff in town? Maybe you could buy some time on a national network and let people know about the change. That, or admit that no matter how you spin it, America wants a bit of decorum and materiality in their talking heads. Two things that Couric couldn't devise in ninety months.

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