Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cellulosic Ethanol Plant to be Built in Georgia

Ok I'll admit, this comes straight from "geek central" (via Instapundit). No matter it's provenance, this is still very good news.

First, a little intro: I think the whole ethanol from food crops idea is extremely misbegotten. Biodeisel is a much better idea. Ecogeek gives the "run down" on another better idea - a plant to be built in Georgia that instead uses cellulose to create ethanol. From the article:
Cellulosic ethanol can contain up to 16 times more energy than is required to create it! If that doesn't sound ridiculously impressive, consider that gasoline contains only 5 times more energy than was required to create it and corn ethanol is totally lame, containing only 1.3 times the energy required to create it.

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