Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Frivolous, Ridiculous Law Suit

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The mother of a US man whose 2006 execution took 86 minutes and involved sticking needles into him 19 times has sued the prison team which oversaw the execution for civil rights violations.
On Monday Irma Clark filed suit in the Cincinnati, Ohio, district court, alleging her son Joseph Clark was exposed to "excessive suffering" violating the US constitution when he was put to death on May 2, 2006, at a state prison in Lucasville, Ohio,
according to court documents.

Fair enough, so long as the victim(s) of Joseph Clark get any proceeds resulting from this law suit. I doubt they had a pleasant time getting murdered either. Maybe we should counter sue Irma and Clark's father for raising a murderous drug addict? Or would that be vindictive?
I despise the faux humanitarianism of lethal injection, perfectly symbolized by the quick wipe with an alcohol swab and a sterile needle filled with deadly poison. A more honest and appropriate approach would be to put the condemned in wooden chair, pin a target over his/her heart and shoot them dead. Barbaric? It sure is, but it's also unquestionably effective and more reflective of the general idea of killing someone.

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