Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I Think I Have A New Hero

I was doing some further reading on Norman Borlaug and came upon this interview in Reason. You should read the whole thing, but allow me to share with you this one little snippet.
Reason: Environmental activists often oppose road building. They say such roads will lead to the destruction of the rain forests or other wildernesses. What would you say to them?
Borlaug: These extremists who are living in great affluence...are saying that poor people shouldn't have roads. I would like to see them not just go out in the bush backpacking for a week but be forced to spend the rest of their lives out there and have their children raised out there. Let's see whether they'd have the same point of view then.
I should point out that I was originally trained as a forester. I worked for the U.S. Forest service, and during one of my assignments I was reputed to be the most isolated member of the Forest Service, back in the middle fork of the Salmon River, the biggest primitive area in the southern 48 states. I like the back country, wildlife and all of that, but it's wrong to force poor people to live that way.

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dolittle said...

I have one word for you -


Isn't that one of the most significant differences between the First and Third World?

I'm sure it will be argued that I'm simplifying but this is my humble belief.

Never mind that ours is reported to be falling apart!