Saturday, July 07, 2007

Live Earth 07/07/2007

Throwing a gigantic 24 hour international concert to "raise awareness" about environmental issues is just plain asinine. Forget the preaching to the choir aspect of it, if these people really believe that global warming is killing the planet, why do they waste resources and pollute Gaea so recklessly? Because they are chock-full-of shit ass-hats that's why.
So without further blathering, here are the top five pointless gestures to raise awareness or what have you.
  1. A twenty four hour drive by shooting marathon to raise awareness about urban violence and hybrid vehicles.
  2. The US Army's new, super high tech, twelve million dollar, web based podcast to recruit the Amish.
  3. Nathan's Hot dogs sponsors a hot dog eating contest to raise awareness about bulimia and animal rights.
  4. A worldwide ticker tape parade to raise awareness about profligate littering and pointless gestures.
  5. Barbara Streisand tours the world in a private jet and chauffeured limousines, owns several homes, comprising of at least 80,000 square feet of heated and air conditioned living space, makes her living selling plastic discs double wrapped in two different types of plastic that require yet more energy to use, but she's coming to your town tomorrow for $175 a seat to tell you how you should live if you want to save the environment. (This one isn't fiction.)

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mamabrown said...

Just thought I would tell you I like the way you think & write, especially liked your comment in Fingers and Tubes about Insurance. Very elegant.