Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Red Sox in The Bronx

Sorry for the light blogging, not that it's ever heavy or anything I ever write is heavy. I've been in New York City attending a seminar. Say what you want about New York, but there is no city like it, it truly is the capital of the world.

For baseball fans here in Connecticut, the border state for the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry, this is the time of year everyone waits for. A three game series that may decide who gets to play in October. The Sox have a hefty 8 game lead in the A.L. East so the pressure is all on the Yankees, which makes them a little more dangerous than usual. If the Yankees sweep us, not likely, we will still have a 5 game lead. If we sweep them, also unlikely, they'll be down by 11 games with 28 left to play, including another three at Boston - that's what is known as fork in the ass time- they're done. The Yanks are still in the wild card race, but I don't see them overtaking Seattle. I predict that we will take 2 out 3 this week to pick up another game against them.

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