Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Various Sports and Their Stories

  • Phil Rizzuto died, may he rest in peace. He was a great ball player, a good announcer and a good and decent man. It's guys like him who make it difficult to truly hate the Yankees.
  • Jose Offerman goes berserk and went all whack-a-mole on a pitcher and catcher with his baseball bat after getting drilled in minor league baseball. What a Huckleberry!
  • One of the Rutgers Women's Basketball Team members is suing Don Imus for referring to the team as "nappy headed hos". At the risk of defending the uber-asshole Don Imus, I would suggest to this over sensitive Amazon that she stop being such a whiny wench. People are going to say mean things to you, get over it. You're six foot four, 200 pounds if you're an ounce and yet you plan on going into court and crying about how that old mean man said mean things about you and a dozen other woman, I'm ashamed of you.
  • The Yankees and The Red Sox are going to go at it hammer and tongs for the remainder of the season. As much as I would like to see the Yankees season end in ignominy, disgrace and despair, I must admit, it's fun to care about every single game, even against teams like Tampa Bay.

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