Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11 Six Years Later

Some more or less random thoughts on 9/11 and the war against Islamic Extremism.

  • Six years later and no further attacks on U.S. soil. Osama bin Laden may still be alive but he's living in obscurity in a cave in Goathumpistan. Good for him.

  • It's nearly impossible to tell what's going on in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere because the MSM is entirely invested in seeing the U.S. defeated, so is the Democratic party. If OBL came on CNN tomorrow and begged for terms, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and The NYT would call it a defeat for George W. Bush or worse yet, accuse Karl Rove of orchestrating the whole thing for political gain.

  • Six years later and some people still don't get it. By it, I mean the FACT that we are at war with Islamic extremism. While looking for "root causes" and ways to blame America first the Democratic party defines their success by America's defeat. Sounds harsh yeah? I challenge you to identify a liberal Democrat who supports UNEQUIVICALY American victory in the war against Islamic Extremism.

  • Referring to General David Petraeus as General Betray-Us in the NYT, MoveOn.Org is a despicable example of what the liberal wing of the Democratic party has become, namely cheer leaders for Islamic Extremism. I challenge liberal Democrats to publicly disavow this outrage, but they won't. They are complicate in their silent approval.

  • Politics make strange bed fellows, but how the liberal Democrats can cozy up with those who beheaded Danial Pearl, destroyed ancient religious statues, stone homosexuals, ban music and kite flying, beat women who refuse to wear the burka, threaten the nuclear annihilation of Israel is completely beyond me, yet there it is try to explain it away, I dare you.

  • George W. Bush has many flaws and has erred in many ways, but he right on the most important question that faces our generation: Whether or not to vigorously oppose Islamic extremism or to appease it. In fifty years no one will remember or care about GWB's lack of oratory skill, it will matter that he took a stand. Because of this History will be kind to him.

  • Q. How many Republicans believe that the 9/11 was an inside job? What percentage of "Truthers" are liberal Democrats? A. Almost none, almost all. And the MSM would have you believe that conservatives are stupid.

  • I know that after December 7, 1941 there were Nazis in America and Americans who were all for appeasement and understanding the "root causes" of Japanese imperialism, but on the whole America rose up and opposed fascism on two fronts at great cost. Sixty six years later, Japan and Germany are democracies. Sixty Six years later and there are STILL American troops in both countries. The sad fact is, as a whole, we aren't the men and women our parents and grand parents were.

  • To the Gyrenes, Zoomies, Squids and Grunts paying the price in hostile places like Anbar, Kunduz, and Academia, thank you. Your sacrifice humbles me.

  • "I support the troops" is new speak for "I don't support the troops, in fact I think they're all uneducated rubes, but I have to say something to counter the accurate claims that I am unpatriotic."

  • You can't be pro-troops and anti-war any more than you can't separate the man from his mission. This is not to say that you can't be critical of the war and how it's run, but calling for the immediate surrender by American forces, or a "time table for surrender" only gives the enemy hope.

  • If the Democrats opposed Islamic extremism as much as the opposed the administration, the Islamicists wouldn't stand a chance.

  • Calling the President, any president, a Nazi, Chimp, war criminal, etc. during a time of war is not patriotic dissent, it's libelous treason. If you don't know the difference you are probably a liberal Democrat and complicate in it.

  • Enough of the lighting of candles and reciting of the names of the dead. Let them go and hunt down those who would murder yet more and kill them.

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