Friday, September 07, 2007

Andrew Keen Vs. Insty

There seems to be a good old fashion pissing contest simmering between the Blogfather, Instapundit and new media critic Andrew Keen. I'd love to see this rise above the occasional snarky, misinformed comment or polite if un-approving book review to a full scale debate of the issue, sans ad hominem characterizations of any sort. I welcome Keen's impending ass kicking not because I don't like him, but because I disagree with him and wholeheartedly agree with Insty's take on why new media is eating old media's lunch:
And that's the story of Keen's elites overall. The Golden Age of mass culture
didn't end just because the Internet let people do their own thing. It ended
because people looked at the low - and steadily declining - quality of
mass-marketed television, radio, news, films, and music and concluded that they
could do better. And they are often right, not necessarily because the amateur
productions are so terrific (though sometimes they are), but because the big
media productions are so often dreadful.

Amen. Seriously Andrew, can you watch CBS news and wonder why no wants to watch it? This blog may be an isipid pile of regurgitated dog vomit but at least it's an honest isipid pile of regurgitated dog vomit, without Katie Couric too.

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