Sunday, September 30, 2007

Late Fee For Late Woman's Late Library Book

A woman in New York has her panties in a twist because when she went to return a book her late mother had borrowed the library had the temerity to ask for a fifty cent late fee. Perhaps some perspective and some free advice are in order:
a. It's fifty cents.
b. It's for your late mother's library.
c. Don't pay it. Next time your mom borrows a book, they'll ask her for it.
d. Politely tell them where they can make claim against the estate.
e. You are upset and grieving, try not to make any big decisions or let little things bother you.
Granted, the librarian in question should have been a mensch and let the grieving daughter off the hook, waived the fee and kept his mouth shut about it. I wonder if he's always an insensitive jerk or if the grieving daughter had done something to provoke him. It would have been interesting to be a fly on the wall and see that transaction take place.

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