Saturday, September 01, 2007

No Hitter at Fenway: Clay Buchholz

Baseball is a game of limitless possibilities. Bill Mueller hitting two grand slams from opposites sides of the plate in a single game or 23 year old Clay Buchholz carrying a no hitter into the ninth inning in his second major league game. Is there a better metaphor in sports than the pitcher in the middle of a no-no sitting all alone in the dugout waiting for his date with history? I don't even know the kid and I can't watch it. Hell, I literally have sweaters older than him. Can you imagine the adrenaline in his system right now - only one out away? Now only one strike away, I can't stand it. Holy cow the kid did it. The only rookie to ever throw a now hitter in the long history of the Boston Red Sox. I bet he won't sleep tonight.

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