Monday, October 08, 2007

Mexican President Critical of U.S. Border Fence

At the risk of seeming churlish, who gives a fermenting fruit bat turd what Felipe Calderon has to say? Since he's the president of that corruption rife republic, why doesn't he concentrate on creating opportunities there so that his people aren't fleeing his country like rats escaping a sinking ship? Illegal aliens working here and sending money back to Mexico is the real reason he desires an open border. Other than cheap labor what do we get out of the bargain?
While I'm at it, any illegal alien caught by any form of law enforcement agency, municipal, county, state or federal should be deported immediately by bus. Any city, state or county offering amnesty should forfeit all federal aid. Wussy liberal states like Connecticut, who want to offer in-state tuition to illegal aliens at state universities and other benefits should forfeit a senator and two congressmen. We wonder why people come here illegally while simultaneously rewarding them for doing so. Which makes me wonder, how much can individuals, businesses and government agencies ignore the law before wide spread contempt of all laws becomes acceptable? If a majority of Americans really want illegal immigration to continue as it is, put it to a vote and change the laws. I bet you won't see that in our lifetime or any other. It's the democratic party, who feel they have a natural constituency with illegal aliens and the republican party's big business donors who love the cheap labor who want the flow to continue. Why organized labor supports an endless supply of replacement workers is a mystery to me.
Supposedly there are upwards of 32 million illegal immigrants in the US. I'd wager that most are productive and otherwise law abiding, yet by definition all are primarily and ultimately criminals. Do we ignore their transgressions and grant them amnesty just because it would be difficult tossing them out on their ear? Why not ignore tax cheats, library absconders, cable t.v. thieves and people who refuse to recycle? You would only need to deport several million or so before the rest of the illegal aliens got the clue that the party is over and then leave on there own.

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