Sunday, October 21, 2007

Movie Review: The Wicker Man

It's getting to the point where if Nicholas Cage is in a movie it's a pretty good indication that it's going to be a crap fest, to wit The Wicker Man. I won't bore you with all the tedious details and my convoluted prose, but take my word for it, this movie sucks. Implausible, ponderous, predictable and worse yet - you never care for Cage's character. In fact I hoped he'd buy it in the most painful way possible. Unfortunately it takes nearly 100 minutes for it to happen. Whoops, that was a spoiler. Sorry.
If you must see a Wicker Man type movie, rent the original with Edward Woodward, it's much, much better. While your at it, rent another fine Edward Woodward film, perhaps his best, Breaker Morant.


Dexter said...

He was great as The Equalizer for a few years on CBS.

dolittle said...

I have maybe even mentioned this on your blog before but in my book Cage is the most overrated actor out there. And I was flipping through channels recently - came upon Wicker Man -