Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sox N' Rockies

The Sox spanked them. The drubbing began in the first inning and didn't end until Eric Gagne, of all people, closed it out. Conan would be proud.
I know the Rockies are scrappy team and there are no "bad" teams in the post season, but I think they're way over matched. All that talk about the Rockies momentum and winning 20 of 21 games ended tonight in the friendly confines of Fenway. Exactly who did the Rockies beat to get here? The Cubbies and the Phillies. Please, even the injury hobbled Angles are much tougher than either of those two cream puff teams.
What can you say about Josh Beckett? Dominant, excellent, great, etc. The Rockies were off for 8 days which did nothing for their timing and it showed. Not that it would have mattered. I think they way Beckett pitched tonight, he could of shut any offense in either league down.
Then there's the offense. Diminutive slugger Dustin Pedroia smacks a homer off the Monster in the first Red Sox at bat, 12 runs later the Rockies swagger has been crushed. So much for momentum. On to game 2.

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