Friday, October 26, 2007

World Series

It appears that nothing kills momentum like 8 days off and a world class pitching staff. In 18 innings the hapless Colorado Rockies have managed to score two runs. That would be great if their staff pitched 18 shut out innings, but they didn't. Fortunately for us, the Red Sox offense showed how the Sox won the AL East and the AL Championship, patient, disciplined at bats that force the opposing defense to throw strikes, which as often as not end up getting bounced off the Green Monster.
If the 2004 ALCS has shown us anything, it proved that anything can happen in baseball. With that said, the Sox need to win 40% of the remaining five games, the Rockies need to win 80% of the remaining five. Rots-O-Ruck and two words for you: Josh Beckett. Nothing in this world is an absolute sure thing, but Beckett comes about as close to lights out as a lead pipe across the temple. That's one of the requisite Red Sox victories right there. If the Sox win tomorrow behind Daisuke Matsuzaka, Dios mio man, the poor Rockies are screwed.

1 comment:

zaphod said...

"... the poor Rockies are screwed."

DON'T SAY THAT!!!!! I remember the LAST time you pronounced a team as "screwed".

I'm waiting for that last out before I start making any predictions. In other words, when It comes to making predictions, I don't.

Looking forward to see what Daisuke does tonight. If we get 6 strong innings from him, I like our chances.