Sunday, November 18, 2007

Britain Seeks New Motto

Apparently tradition rich Britain has no motto. Who knew? Now the sort of people who dabble in screwing up perfectly good things are hard at work trying to noodle up one. Here are some suggestions for my British cousins:

  • We're Polite So You Don't Have to Be
  • Hope and Gloria and Non-Stop Paparazzi Royal Coverage
  • We Put The Nanny in The Nanny State
  • Screw With Us and We'll Call America On You
  • We'll Defend All Faiths But Our Own
  • Paddy Go Home!
  • Dieu et mon douleur dans la famille d'├óne
  • For what's His name and what's left
  • Dentist Please Apply Within
  • Arthur, William, Richard, Charles and Winston Spin in Their Graves
  • Margaret Thatcher Last PM With The Yarbles to Govern
  • We Civilized the World, Now Look at Us
  • Home of Hogwarts

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