Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ill Advised

Do you ever, in the course of your daily routine, stumble upon something you want for no good reason? In fact the thing may be kinda stupid or ill advised, but you go ahead and get it anyway? I never do that.


ScottJ said...

Yeah no kidding, there buster boy! What in the world were you thinking? A ROLODEX???????? Wow.

Next you'll tell me that big white thing in the background is a Telex machine.

'This is not making sense'

El Duderino said...

No, it's a Xerox copier, printer, scanner and fax machine. What am I supposed to do, but some queer electronic gizmo, learn how to program it and get rid of my rolodex that I have had for 17 years? I have never lost it, never lost data to power failure. There's a pencil on my key board too. That's pretty low tech.

ScottJ said...

Must we mock what we fear and or don't understand? Happy to provide technology consultation for you should you ever be interested.

I share because I care.