Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gun Control: Colorado Springs Shooting

So it turns out that the yahoo who shot up the missionaries in Colorado Springs was shot, but not necessarily killed, by an armed volunteer security guard. It makes you wonder how many people he would have killed if he had been met with only harsh language and a pissy demeanor.

There is a tendency in out society to look upon armed citizens as odd or bellicose. I'm probably a little bit of both, but even so I am very unlikely to shoot anybody who doesn't have it comming to them. So the question becomes are you safer in a crowd of people where every single decent, law abiding person is unarmed and only the crazies have guns or are you safer in crowd where 1 in 5 of your friends and neighbors are well armed? How you answer that question depends to a large degree on how realistic you are. The Liberal Utopian will say the scenario with no guns is preferable, even though that scenario does not exist. The realist will grit his or her teeth, curse the fact that there are insane and/or evil assholes in the world and strap up. It's the responsible thing to do.

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ScottJ said...

The body count would have been undoubtedly much higher. Thank goodness for the volunteer security guard. Any tactical officer will tell you they can not possibly get there in time. The average event lasts about 6 minutes. Not an indictment of our men and women in blue... simply fact. Thus the need for defense in place.