Monday, December 03, 2007

Hillary Gets The Vapors

This inspires confidence:
Clinton calls hostage crisis traumatic
CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - Hillary Rodham Clinton said Sunday that calling the families of the campaign staffers taken hostage at her Rochester, N.H., office last week was the most difficult part of the ordeal.
"Those were the most emotional moments, I have to tell you, calling them in the first instants to tell them what had happened," she told reporters after a campaign stop in eastern Iowa.

I don't believe Hillary Clinton was traumatised one bit by this inconvenience, she's merely trying to soften her shrill, flinty image. In a way it's not fair. If a male candidate is seen as insensitive in this sort of situation, he could claim that as president he needs to get things done despite his personal feelings. When Hillary does it, she's seen as an uncaring bitch.

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