Monday, December 10, 2007

Michael Vick

It's fascinating that Michael Vick's supporters are predominantly black and his detractors predominantly white. Do his supporters think that Vick is the victim of over zealous prosecution for a "sport" that is misunderstood? What, exactly, is the acceptance level of dog fighting in Black America? It seems, I'm speculating here, that Blacks are a little more tolerant of dog fighting than the rest of America. Or it could be that they value the freedom and wealth of a successful Black athlete more than the lives of a given number of dogs. Or it may be that dog fighting, per se, has nothing to do with their support, it may be entirely racial. If Vick were white I doubt he'd be enjoying the support of anybody.
Then there's the animal rights protesters who do their cause and race relations little favor by calling for Vick's death and or neutering. Neutering, where the hell did that come from? You don't have to be a Vick supporter to realize these people have their values misplaced.
Vick may get at little as time served today or he may be sentenced to as much as five years. I'd wager that he'll get something in the middle, two or two and half years and that will be closer to justice than either extreme could hope to find.

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