Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Choices 2008 Election

The more I look at choices for POTUS in 2008 the less I can imagine any of the Democratic candidates as president.

  • Hillary Clinton, I despise her, but admire her discipline and ruthlessness. I could go on and on why she is the worst thing since paper cuts and dead childhood pets but Christopher Hitchens is much better at this sort of thing, so go read his take on her here.

  • Barack Obama, I'll give him credit for the way he's running as a man of achievement, not a black man of achievement. The absence of race issues, so far, in his candidacy augers well for our Republic. Never let anyone tell you we are an intolerant nation when seven years after 9/11 a man named Barack Hussein Obama, educated, in part, in an Indonesian Madras is in the running for POTUS. As to whether or not his achievements qualify him for president is questionable. I know his stated policies are about as fresh as a Foghat concert or Roy Munson antics. His dearth of Washington experience is either his best attribute or his worst. He's a likable guy, I just wish he wasn't a Jimmy Carter redux.

  • John Edwards, Roy Munson will be President before this haircut. The problem with many of these Democratic candidates is that policy wise they are all the same. They only differ to the extent that they are willing to pander to the extremes of the anti war crowd.

  • Mike Gravel, he's a pure socialist in socialist's clothing best known for his opposition to the War in Vietnam. We needn't worry about him getting the nomination, thank God.

  • Dennis Kucinich, he's my favorite Democratic candidate. Say what you want about his nebbish appearance, bizarre policies and whackadoo supporters, at least Kucinich believes all the bullshit he espouses. Which is exactly why he's unsuitable for office. That, and he was the Mayor of Cleveland where he dammed near ran that infelicitous polis to new subterranean depths not seen since Dante's unpublished sequel to the Inferno..

On the Republican side you have a much broader divergence of policy and opinions.

  • Mike Huckabee is like a Democrat who found religion and could no longer truck with the party that has enshrined abortion as a central tenant of their faith. He's soft on crime as evidenced by his plethora of pardons and is a dreaded tax and spend dweeb like Jimmy Carter. He plays the class card with all the shame of an ambulance chasing Democrat. Huckabee is very personable, perhaps too much so. He looks like someone you might like and trust and probably is both likable and trustworthy, it's just that his politics are all wrong. He really ought to be running as a Democrat.

  • Rudy Giuliani in a way is the anti Mike Huckabee. Where Huckabee is soft on crime, Rudy is tough. Where Huckabee is religious with all that comes with that, Giuliani is decidedly not. Rudy is likeable to the extant that you'd rather have him on the inside pissing out than on the outside pissing in. I could live with Rudy as President because I know he'll kick the tarter sauce out of anyone that screws with us. His shady 2nd Amendment record an pro abortion stances are anathema to me though.

  • Mitt Romney is an able executive and likely nominee. He is also about as genuine as a Bill Clinton apology. Like another tall haircut from the Peoples Republic, his flipped and the flopped on some pretty big issues, gun control, abortion, gay marriage, etc. I'll vote for this yahoo if it comes to it, but I'd rather not.

  • John McCain, as a patriot I admire John McCain's service to America and the faith he kept while a prisoner of war in Vietnam. He has earned the right to be taken seriously, then he squandered it with the abomination known as McCain Feingold Law. Not to seem vindictive, but I will not empower those who seek to dis-empower me by preventing me from criticizing them. This is a bad, anti democratic law and McCain should know better. Some tire of McCain's maverick routine. I can live with that, especially since I believe him to be serious on the war agianst Islamic extremism.

  • Ron Paul, right message, wrong messenger. I am very keen to listen to what Libertarians have to say, unfortunately Ron Paul is unelectable, a tad bat shit and his supporters tend to be the sort of people who believe in their libertarian ideals but not your liberty to disagree with them.
  • Fred Thompson, is my man. I only wish he had been better funded and more energetic from jump. I'll vote for him and fund his candidacy, but I will be greatly surprised and delighted if he ends up as the GOP nominee.

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