Saturday, January 19, 2008

I'm a Fredhead

Today's do or die for Fred. If he doesn't get a win in South Carolina, it's over. A lot of people have been second guessing the way he's run his candidacy. Much of the criticism is justified. Even so, it's more than a little depressing how much traction a guy like Huckabee has gotten while Fred continues to languish in the polls.

In the American Spectator  Quin Hillyer makes good argument for why he's with Fred. He starts with a purely parochial consideration:
Think of it this way: In every Republican presidential contest beginning in 1980, South Carolina has chosen the winner... but, and this is a very big "but"... it always has been forced to choose from a field already narrowed by the two smaller, front-running states. In effect, South Carolina was told it could take the Iowa winner or the New Hampshire winner, but nobody else.

But this time could be different. This time South Carolina could drive a stake through the two-headed Dracula once and for all by choosing its own candidate to push to the fore. When New Hampshire saved George H.W. Bush's candidacy in 1988, he publicly thanked the state a full nine months later when he won the general election, and New Hampshire enjoyed disproportionate influence during his presidency. If South Carolina chooses its own candidate this time, and he goes on to win, November's final election night could hear that candidate say "Thank you, South Carolina" in front of all the world...
Check it out. It's well worth your time.

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