Friday, January 04, 2008

Why Huckabee Must Lose

Perhaps more importantly than any doctrinal issues that I have with Huckabee, and there are many, I feel he needs to crash and burn because he is the only top four Iowa finisher that can be easily beaten by Obama, Edwards or HRC. Come November, if Obama faces off against Huckabee in the general election, Obama will enjoy MSM press coverage that make him seem like the second comming of warm, sliced bread. Huckabee will be shocked to learn that all his "friends" in the media despise everything he stands for and only went easy on him because they knew he'd lose in the general election.
I don't like Mitt Romney because I don't find him genuine, but he and every other major GOP candidate would make a better president than Barack Obama. The challenge the GOP faces is to ensure that we don't field a weaker candidate than the Dems do. This shouldn't be hard, but I fear it will be.


Anonymous said...

This may seem petty -- I can't believe that any former Southern Evangelist minister named Huckabee (for God's sake) can win, and even if he does win, he will never enjoy anything but a hostile media environment. Meanwhile, conservatives will react strongly to his strong liberal leanings, apart from "social values" issues.


zaphod said...

I'm also not a big fan of Huckabee but I have to say he does have one thing going for him: a LOT of people have underestimated him. That puts him in the company of people like Reagan and W.

As for a hostile media environment, that's pretty much "baked in the cake" for any Republican who wins the White House.