Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Obama: Clueless on Iraq

Barack Obama has brilliantly managed to say next to nothing on his way to defeating the not so inevitable Hillary Clinton on his way to clinching the Democratic nomination. He should stick to that, because he's clearly out of his mind when he says:
  • That Al Qaeda wasn't in Iraq until we invaded.
  • We need to bolster NATO in Afghanistan with additional American troops - Why don't we DEMAND that our useless NATO allies actually fight? Obama thinks their resistance is because we "blundered" in Iraq? Did they say that Senator or did you? Couldn't it be that they're just a bunch of poltroons?
  • If Al Qaeda builds a base in Iraq??? Where has this man been the last four years?

Hillary couldn't attack Obama from the right, McCain is under no such limitation. I wonder how Obama will fare when hope and change, change and hope no longer cut it?

It's also ironic that a man who platform is entirely focused on the future, or so he says, can't get his agile Harvard mind around the fact that the war in Iraq is reality. Whether or not we should be there in the first place could not matter less, we're there now. What would he do as president to ensure the best possible outcome for the US and our interests?

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