Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday

A lachrymose Hillary Clinton was in town today for a timely weeping before super Tuesday. Let's see, wasn't it just 28 days ago that the normally austere wife of a former president last wept on cue?
Whom do I vote for tomorrow, as if it matters? I can't vote for McCain and think Romney is a bit of a pussy. I'd sooner become a Baptist myself before voting for Huckabee and Ron Paul is a GOP version of Dennis Kucinich. Does Connecticut allow write ins? Is it crazy to throw a vote away for Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan or Tom Regan for that matter?
I hope something changes between now and November to change the candidates, their positions and/or how I feel about them. Maybe a triumphant HRC moderating leftward will enrage the GOP base and energize the moderates to oppose her. Maybe John McCain will get knocked of his horse on the road to Damascus and after a period of blindness, become born again hard. Maybe the monkeys flying out my butt will bring me back a pizza.
Since I live in Connecticut, it probably won't matter who I vote for in November, if I vote at all, because Connecticut's 7 electoral votes are all going to go the Democratic candidate anyway.

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