Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Tornadoes scare the hell out of me. I'd have a phobia for them except there's no such thing as an unreasonable fear of something that is so destructive. Oddly enough I find them beautiful as well, not so beautiful that I'd chase them around Oklahoma and Kansas though.

We had one killer tornado here in Connecticut when I was a kid. We lived high in the hills of Glastonbury and you could see the storm that spawned the tornado half way across the state in Windsor Locks on the Massachusetts border. I knew something was unusual that day because the sky was green, pistachio ice cream green. It was eerie. I haven't seen anything like that before or since. With our undulating topography in the North East it's rare to see storms from very far off. Not so in the plains, where you can see the tops of storms hundreds of miles away.

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ScottJ said...

C'mon man... let's put on our storm chasin' hats, deck out the Oddysey, stock up on vintage 70's 8 track tapes and go 'a huntin!!