Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Et Tu Allemania

I often think that we are are not the men our parents and grandparents were. Thank God the Germans are fatter and more useless than we are:

Berlin - German soldiers are overweight, smoke too much and do not engage in enough sports, according to a report published Tuesday by the parliamentary commissioner for the defence force. "Male and female soldiers are too fat, partake little in sports and pay too little attention to what they eat," Reinhold Robbe said in his official report to parliament. He called the situation "shocking."
Most of them, 70%, are smokers too. Our military after seeing soldiers huffing to hump gear up the hills in Grenada enacted fairly strict fitness standards. Hell, even in the Air Force we had to run from time to time. Of course this was on a level track, in running shoes, once a year, but still.
None of this really matters because the Germans are unlikely to actually fight any time soon.

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