Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Another Home Invasion In Connecticut

Two elderly ladies sharing Sunday coffee were assaulted at home by a convicted child molester paroled by the Connecticut Department of Corrections. One was shot in the head and left for dead and is recovering at a local hospital, the other was murdered and dumped in gravel pit.
At the risk of stating the bleeding obvious, why do we need a Department Of Corrections if they continue to release rapists and murderers who continue to rape and murder? Any group of six people picked at random couldn't make worse decisions than the alleged experts at the DOC. Somebody needs to do some explaining, better yet, find out who is responsible and shit can the lot of them.
At the very, very least keep those who have demonstrated their malicious intent behind bars. If this means building new prisons, so be it. I'd rather have an effective new prison than dozens of ineffectual parole officers and murdered families.

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