Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Charles Durning: Army Ranger, Dancer, Actor

You may remember Charles Durning from such pictures as Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?, The Hudsucker Proxy, True Confessions and The Sting, but did you know that he was a boxer and as a 17 year old stormed Omaha Beach as a U.S. Army Ranger? I didn't. Read a blurb about his service here, all I can say is, wow. If a person can live what he lived through and go on to shake his ample ass so gleefully in such films as The Best Little Whore House in Texas, there is hope for us all.

Hat Tip: The Corner


Dexter said...

His last work playing Dennis Leary's dad on "Rescue Me" is as solid as his role in "The Sting". He never lost a step.

El Duderino said...

The guy who played the perv in Common Thrill's "As It Is" video had a bit role on Rescue Me and he said he was shocked at how Durning was still able, just barely able, to still work. I guess he's in pretty bad shape lately.