Wednesday, May 28, 2008

loudQUIETloud A Film About The Pixies

Film makers, Pixie fans, Steven Cantor and Matthew Galkin accompanied the Pixies on their triumphant 2004 reunion tour. Using a fly on the wall perspective they show the Pixies off stage in all their dysfunctional, clay footed glory and on stage still the alt rock gods I fell in love with back in 1987.
The Pixies formed in 1986 and broke up in 1992, for reasons never fully explained. What is made clear in this film is the Pixies don’t sit around back stage and discuss their feelings much or anything else for that matter. As a group they seem entirely un-cohesive and uncommunicative. But somehow they’re still able to sync on stage and remain the coolest rock band still in existence. How is it possible for very flawed, even prosaic people to be so effing cool?
In 2004 they reunited to tour because, for starters, they needed the money. This shocks me. In case you had any doubts the world is entirely unfair, ponder the fact that Brittany Spears is worth over a hundred million dollars and Pixies drummer David Lovering has had to sleep on friends' couches. This injustice is right up there with P.K. Dick having to eat horse meat hamburger or Vincent Van Gogh selling one painting, to his brother Theo, while he was alive.
Another thing that I found kind of surprising is that the Pixies, particularly bassist Kim Deal, fresh out of rehab and sober for the first time in her adult life, seems genuinely surprised by the overwhelming enthusiasm of Pixie fans.
All in all a good flick and an absolute must see for Pixies fans.


Anonymous said...

The Pixies - never heard of them.

Just listened to about an hour and a half of their music online.

They are at best mediocre. At worse, they suck.

What are you downing with your Starbucks coffee, Dave? Some kind of lunacy pill?

Even folks I know personally in non-entity Pop/Rock do better than these folks. They basically suck. Period. Full-stop.


El Duderino said...

Not every band can be ABBA.

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