Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Nanny State Rids Britain Of Slide With 50 Year Record Of Safety

It's hard to believe these people once had an empire and civilised the world:
For half a century youngsters have enjoyed the 10ft slide in the playground, with no more serious mishap than the occasional bruise or grazed knee. Many of the parents bringing their children had themselves played on the towering steel structure years ago. The tradition has, however, been brought to an abrupt halt by that modern scourge, health and safety.
What a bunch of pansies. There does seem to be at least one sane Briton left:
Local Conservative councillor James Hutchings said: ‘It’s completely mad the way we are being run ragged by the health-and-safety mafia. ‘Children are not going to learn how to judge risks - or how to have fun - if challenging play equipment such as this is denied them. ‘If there hadn’t been an accident in 50 years then the chances are there’s not much wrong with this slide.’
Conservatism, is there nothing it can't do other than successfully combat aggressive nannyism?

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