Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Obama, Jim Johnson an Auspicious Beginning

CHICAGO (AFP) - Democrat Barack Obama was roiled by another campaign scandal Wednesday when a key advisor resigned amid damaging reports that he had received preferential home loans.
Although Jim Johnson, who has been leading the hunt for a vice presidential candidate, denies any favorable treatment for his home loan, the accusations could dent Obama's image as an untarnished newcomer who has vowed to clean up Washington politics.
Johnson, a former chief executive of mortgage giant Fannie Mae, resigned just hours after Obama took part in a round table in Chicago highlighting the impact of predatory lending on Americans.
Smooth move. Remind me again how Obama became the Democratic party's candidate for President? A willing, complicit press, identity politics and the inability of at least half of Americans to think critically. Now Obama will pick Lani Guinier as his running mate as further proof of his good judgement.

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