Sunday, July 06, 2008

John Kerry Criticizes McCain's Decision Making

What is Kerry trying to do, get McCain elected president? Having John Kerry criticize your decision making is like Tom Arnold lecturing you on culture. Let's look at some of John Kerry's decisions shall we?
  • The $87 Billion Vote, in 2003 voted for a $87 Billion in wartime funding before voting against it, capping his indecision with the immortal phrase: “I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it.”
  • The War, not content with taking one side of any issue Kerry voted for the war in Iraq and has subsequently been an outspoken opponent of it.
  • The Wind Surfing Outfit, when running for president one should avoid multicolored stretchy outfits and sports that mimic your propensity to tack back and forth on every issue.
  • John Kerry picked the Breck Boy John Edwards as his running mate - a man who couldn't deliver his own state. How'd that work out for you John?
  • Flip Flops, Kerry has "decided" on multiple issues - multiple times. Affirmative action, death penalty for terrorists, releasing the strategic petroleum reserves, the patriot act, no child left behind, the Israeli security fence are all issues that have Kerry's size 13 flip flop prints all over them. Say what you want about McCain but he's no waffler.
  • This picture. WTF was he thinking?

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