Friday, August 29, 2008

The Choice Becomes Clearer

Sarah Palin: Hunter, angler, former beauty contestant and athlete, mother of five including a welcomed Downs syndrome child and a soldier, fiscal conservative, pro gun, pro ANWAR drilling, pro marriage, pro life, gay friendly, reform minded executive, easy on the eyes.
Joe Biden: Plagiarist, attorney, father of four including a soldier, perennial also ran since 1988, envies Stalin's hair do - shares his politics, pro abortion, anti gun, pro Biden, loves pork more than Homer Simpson, occasionally says what he means, sponsor of reams of meaningless legislation, loves the sound of his voice more than freedom, apple pie, truth, justice or the American way combined, looks like the way nails on a blackboard sound.
Heading up the tickets are McCain, the old centrist war hero with decades of experience and Obama, the young attorney who is arguably the most liberal in the senate. This isn't a hard call, but I bet self described feminists won't vote for McCain/Palin and help Palin become the nation's first woman president in four or eight years because she is not a "real" woman by their standards.

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