Friday, September 12, 2008

George Bush: The Dark Knight

Over at NRO TV Peter Robinson interviews author Andrew Klavan who compares Batman The Dark Knight to George W. Bush. He hit the nail on the head, watch it here.
For those of you unfamiliar with the movie, here's a scene with Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne and Michael Caine as Albert Pennyworth:

Bruce Wayne: People are dying, Alfred. What would you have me do?
Alfred Pennyworth: Endure, Master Wayne. Take it. They'll hate you for it, but that's the point of Batman, he can be the outcast. He can make the choice that no one else can make, the right choice.
Bruce Wayne: Well today I found out what Batman can't do. He can't endure this. Today you get to say "I told you so."
Alfred Pennyworth: Today, I don't want to. [pauses for several moments]
Alfred Pennyworth: But I did bloody tell you.

In twenty or fifty years, when the Middle East is the home of prosperous, tollerant democracies the father of this success will be George Walker Bush. The Pelosii and Reids of this world will try to find a way to claim paternity, but the only thing they have ever screwed is up.

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