Monday, September 29, 2008


Being somewhat neat, I love soap. In Deerfield Massachusetts the Yankee Candle factory sells scented candles in every imaginable scent by the dozen. As a guy I don't care about candles, but I would love such a place that sold Bronnley soaps by the scented dozen. If only. Here in no particular order are my favorite types of soap:
Matchbox Bus Soap - when I was a kid I got a red Matchbox Bus made out of French milled soap in my Christmas stocking. The thing lasted for weeks and was probably the first time I noticed that not all soaps are equal.
Pears Glycerine Soap - I love the way this stuff smells. It doesn't last as long as a French milled bar but you can wash your hair with it, which makes this a must a have in your shaving kit when travelling.
The Soap in Men's Lavatory at The Amelia V. Gallucci-Cirio Library, Fitchburg State College - When I was in the Air Force I would hang out and read at the Library at Fitchburg State College. They had nice clean restrooms with this nifty smelling liquid soap in the white plastic dispensers with the chromium steel spring valves on the bottom. Sometimes it's the little pleasantries in life that are most memorable, like a surprisingly pleasant public lavatory.
Bronnley Soaps - This is it boys, the real deal. What a 1968 Glendronach Single Malt is to a Chivas cow piss, Bronnley soaps are to what you are probably using. Pricey, but they last for weeks on end and well worth every penny. My favorite is Sage, which they don't make any more so try the Lavender or the English Fern.
Spanish Black Soap - Maybe too heady for some, but I like it. The best thing about this stuff is that after showering with it when you wet your skin again, either through sweating, rain, swimming, whatever, you get a faint whiff of it.


Frank Barone said...

Thanks for another peek inside your psyche, ... Nancy.

Homercles said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm sooooooooooooap.