Friday, September 19, 2008

The Way I See It #298987

Is it fair to put pointless, facile platitudes posing as profound insight on $4.87 cups of espresso and steamed milk? Is there room for yet more nuggets like:

We are the first generation in history that can end extreme poverty. That’s our good fortune, our challenge, and our responsibility.
-- Jeffrey D. Sachs
What he means is, he can take 47% of your income and redistribute it as he sees fit. The thought of creating new wealth, more productive crops and industry is far too passe'. Viva the Norman Borlaug Green Revolution - Borlaug has single-handedly done more to feed the world than any hundred men you care to name.

With all the food leaving our kitchens each night, I’m still astonished that this country has a hunger problem. There are hungry people in every community who cannot afford food. While I can’t help every family, I can start by helping one.
-- Tom Douglas
Yet more chiding of the well fed cattle, er customers by their moral and intellectual superiors.

Wild animals often do a much better job of caring for their offspring than we civilized and educated humans do. If we cannot keep children safe in their homes, how can we hope to make ourselves safe in the world?
-- Lee Grogg
Any Tiger cubs care to comment?

People often ask me if it is worth it to work at sea, isolated from the world, far from loved ones, seasick, and running on three hours sleep. To lay eyes on something never before seen by anyone, to learn something new about our planet, for that one moment of discovery – yes, it is all worth it.
-- Katy Croff
This is particularly true if you aren't very fond of your loved ones and addicted to caffeine.

Anger is contagious.
-- Sandra Cisneros
So are pat aphorisms! See there goes another one!.

Beware of turning into the enemy you most fear. All it takes is to lash out violently at someone who has done you some grievous harm, proclaiming that only your pain matters in this world. More than against that person’s body, you will then, at that moment, be committing a crime against your own imagination.
-- Ariel Dorfman
I heard that Patton felt the same way and wept on his death bed about liberating all those concentration camps by using his armored division, just like the Nazis would have done, except he was trying to get people out of the camps, not into them, but still.

You can learn a lot more from listening than you can from talking. Find someone with whom you don’t agree in the slightest and ask them to explain themselves at length. Then take a seat, shut your mouth, and don’t argue back. It’s physically impossible to listen with your mouth open.
-- John Moe
Not true, my jaw drops every time I hear liberal mewl about all that crazy shit they believe..

How have we become so addicted to petroleum oil? How would the world be different if we could make all our own fuel in our own country? For the last two years I have driven to work on soybeans. This is possible in our lifetime.
-- Martin Tobias
Who will rescue the preachy rescuer from his addiction to soybean oil? When will this madness stop?

Scientists tell us we only use 5% of our brains. But if they only used 5% of their brains to reach that conclusion, then why should we believe them?
-- Joseph Palm
A. Scientist never said that because it's not true, never was. B. Except in the case of Joseph Palm.

Have you noticed that dogs are the new kids? You take a walk with your kid and your dog, but nobody says, “What a cute kid!” Instead they say, “What a cute dog! What’s his name? Is he a rescue?” Maybe if I put a collar and leash on my kid someone will notice her.
-- Judy Gruen
Who could tell?

Worldwide, more than 40 million people are living with HIV and AIDS. Thirteen million children have been orphaned due to AIDS. Six hundred thousand children are infected with HIV each year. And 25 years into the AIDS pandemic, no vaccine or cure is in sight. The numbers speak for themselves. What are you doing to help?
-- Joe Cristina
I'm protesting the EVIL DRUG COMPANIES with ACT UP, that'll teach to spend billions on researching life saving drugs.

Children are born with such a sense of fairness that they will accept no less than equal treatment for all. I know – I have three. I hope that as they grow, they keep that sense of justice and learn to challenge the old adage that life’s not fair. It should be, in so far as we have control of it.
-- Beth Vanden Hoek
To liberal morosophs, children hold the answer to everything, not true. Lord of The Flies may be fiction, but it's less fictional than the belief that we are born perfect and degrade as we age.

Sometimes good art is simply creating an honest mess.
-- Stacy D. Flood
So sayeth talentless hacks the world over. (We meet the first Wednesday of every month at the learning annex, room 317)

Why in moments of crisis do we ask God for strength and help? As cognitive beings, why would we ask something that may well be a figment of our imaginations for guidance? Why not search inside ourselves for the power to overcome? After all, we are strong enough to cause most of the catastrophes we need to endure.
-- Bill Scheel
Because God created you, dolphins and the rest of the universe in only six days. The best you could do is come up with this lame ass observation.

Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. Wikis give us a place where anyone who is kind, thoughtful and intelligent can come and join us in building a better and more rational world.
-- Jimmy Wales
Until some prick with a gun comes and shoots them, takes their shit and sells it.

Children are living in a world surrounded by media. If we can use television to teach tolerance and respect and promote healthy eating, we can indeed change the world.
-- Gary E. Knell
How has that worked out for all those overstuffed couch potato children in the last thirty years there Gary?

In reality hell is not such an intention of God as it is an invention of man. God is love and people are precious. Authentic truth is not so much taught or learned as it is remembered. Somewhere in your pre-incarnate consciousness you were loved absolutely because you were. Loved absolutely, and in reality, you still are! Remember who you are!
-- Bishop Carlton Pearson
What the hell sort of church is this gomeril a Bishop of? Perhaps he's just well meaning heretic engaging in wishful thinking.

We will end poverty and stop HIV/AIDS within our generation when guided by African principles such as ubuntu that underscore our interconnectedness. With greater compassion for others, we would no longer accept hunger and disease as facts of life.
-- Cedza Dlamini
Yet there they are and there they are likely to remain. Might I recommend being guided by Western principles like scientific inquiry to end HIV/AIDS and hunger and capitalism and free markets to pay for it.

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God, I love it; but hey man, you've been spending too much time at Starbucks W. Hartford.

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