Tuesday, October 07, 2008

eight more wins to go!

Jed Lowrie puts down the Angels 3-2 with ninth inning single.
BOSTON -- OK, so the guy who is here because Julio Lugo got hurt drove in the guy who is here because Manny Ramirez pretended he was hurt and the Red Sox celebrated after a win started by the guy who filled in when Josh Beckett got hurt...


Anonymous said...

So do we still love them in the same way as we loved them during the late 60's, 70's, and 80's (when the roster was somewhat stable)? Or are we altering the ways which die-hard fans 'manage' their love of their beloved Team? I have been asking myself this question since the rocket defected.

zaphod said...

This isn't complicated. I'm a fan of the Red Sox and I remain a fan of some of the players that once played for the Sox. It all depends on how they left town. As long as Derek Lowe isn't pitching against the Sox I wish him well. I still have nothing but affection for Dave Roberts. Roger left town for more money. I didn't begrudge him that but he wouldn't admit that's what he was doing. He was such a nonstop whiner.

There was a reason why the Sox didn't jump at the chance to re-sign Roger until after the 1996 season. His last 4 seasons in Boston his record was 40-39. He gave every indication that he was a pitcher in decline. Turned out that assessment was wrong but it wasn't something Dan Duquette pulled out of thin air.

I'm kind of glad he ended up a Yankee. It made it even easier to root against him. By the way, he was never a "money" pitcher in Boston. His post season ERA was a full run larger when he was in Boston than when he was in New York - just one more reason I had to root against him.