Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Real Estate Agents

Our house is up for sale. We will be moving in late November.

Why is it that Real Estate Agents are just about the only so-called professional business people/entrepeneurs who will (more often than not) show up late for 'viewings', or else never show up at all, and also frequently leave your house unlocked -- and then proceed to arrogantly argue with you about whether or not they lack professionalism given the evidence?

If I were to do that in any other "profession", I would either be canned immediately, or else outta business.

Seven (respectable) Real Estate agents later, I still have no clue about this phenomenon, except that apparently it is one field where being an irresponsible loser is not necessarily a negative asset.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, right, ...

I guess arriving late/early/no-show for "viewings", regularly (!), by mainstream Metro-Toronto agents(at present about 20-50 agents), and leaving the property unlocked 40% of the time is "expected". It is a travesty, and like the teacher's Unions, displays a most reprehensible side of this particular form of entrepeneurial spirit in business.

Deal with documented facts; and then spout your "theories" (oh no, I've made another informal fallacy!). But in the business world I've lived in, you're canned for this kind of behaviour. Full stop. There is no defending it. These folks are among the most respected Agents in Toronto. But they still rule the roost, 'cause they know homeowners depend upon a sale, not class and integrity. I guess it's the rule of used car salesmen which wins the day.