Saturday, October 04, 2008

Red Sox Beat Angels Like Red Headed Step Child

The Angels are a fine team, probably the better team, but the Red Sox continue to dominate them. Last night was no different:
We never have quit,” Youkilis said. “We are used to it and immune from it. We’re not going to play a game in 2½ hours. You know, the games in the playoffs, I never even look at the time. It’s not like I’ve got something else to do. I know when the ninth inning is coming and the last out is recorded.”

There is something to this. The Sox seem content to grind it out in October. No matter what happened during the season, in October both teams started from 0-0 to start the ALDS. Now the angels find themselves flying across country to the Friendly Confines of Fenway Park to face the tender mercies of Josh Beckett down 0-2. Rots-O-Ruck my friends, Rots-O-Ruck. Perhaps they can take the next game if Beckett is still hurting. If Becket's well, I don't like their chances. On the bright side the Angels know for sure now, as if they any doubt, the answer to that age old question; "Who's your daddy?"

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