Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dude! WTF Is Up With That Doo?

Meet Peter Orszag President Elect Obama's new Director of Office of Management and Budget, I'm not sure what he calls his fuzzy little friend. He's not a bad looking man, it's a shame he opened himself to childish ridicule with such a poor rug. To Whit:
The Top Ten Wise Ass Remarks About Peter Orszag's Piss Poor Rug
  1. Do you feed it Quadrotriticale? I hear they like it.
  2. Sy Sperling called, apparently there's been a recall.
  3. Mr. Orszag, good news and bad news. First your Chaetophobia has mysteriously disappeared, unfortunately your Ancraophobia will probably get much, much worse.
  4. I don't care if it came with a matching merkin.
  5. I've always said there is nothing worse than a man with a comb over. I stand corrected.
  6. Did Howard Cosell die?
  7. I bet your not married, if you are I bet your wife is blind or very, very vindictive and insecure.
  8. Is it Purim today or something?
  9. America supports the "Troops" numbnuts, the TROOPS!
  10. Are you, by chance, a Vampire? No? Then WTF are you thinking?


CultMan said...

El D: because I know it to be a sin, I am repressing my laughter as I read your post; please don't lead me into sin with your hilarious posts. (I especially like #6).

BTW, I didn't really get #9 - so I'm embarrassed, but I want to sin and laugh some more -- so send me an email explanation.

El Duderino said...

#9 Is perhaps too broad, troop vs. toups. Get it.
My personal fav is #1.