Saturday, November 22, 2008

Olive Oil in Connecticut

Connecticut is the first state in the union to impose strict quality standards for olive oil:
Connecticut's regulations, which took effect Nov. 5, adopt a "standard of identity" for olive oil sold in the state that mirrors the standards developed by International Olive Oil Council. The regulations define virgin olive oil as "those oils obtained from the fruit of the olive tree solely by mechanical or other physical means ... which have not undergone any treatment other than washing, decanting, centrifuging and filtration."

That's fine as far as regulations go, it's better than the pencil dicks in the legislature futzing around with more pointless gun control legislation.
I have one pet peeve involving olive oil - oddly enough. When you're eating a restaurant fine, chain or otherwise and the wait staff informs you that extra virgin olive oil on the table is there so you can dip your bread into it. Sometimes they'll say something really irksome and perky like "We call it Italian butter!" Often it's some pasty suburban kid whose idea of ethnic food is French Fries who until recently didn't know EVOO from a very young Shelley Duvall. I know it's news to them, but I came into the place with both shoes tied and on the correct feet, don't you think they ought to give me the benefit of the doubt?

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